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A Bike Ride in South Haven for Great Lakes Enthusiasts

The first-ever Great Lake-to-Lake trail will be debuting on Friday, September 13th in South Haven. Hikers, bikers, and trail enthusiasts alike will revel in this almost-entirely off-road trail system!
On Water Experiences

Fun at Full Sail Onboard Friends Good Will

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a ride aboard a large wooden ship - one that is filled with history and adventure? The Michigan Maritime Museum's tall ship 'Friends Good Will' offers an experience like no other in the city of South Haven. Climb aboard and set sail for an unforgettable excursion on Lake Michigan.

South Haven Points of Interest: Free Spirits at Full Throttle at the GingerMan Raceway

The speedometer surges to 115 as you hit the straight leg. Another curve comes into view. The gear shifts down, the pressing palm of g-force lightens on your chest and you hug the outer edge as your dark-blue Porsche GT-4 with yellow seat belts and calipers handles the bend at 65mph. When you cross the finish line moments later, you slow and pull over. You unfasten and slip off your helmet, open the door and step out into the morning sunshine. It’s another day at GingerMan Raceway near downtown South Haven.
On Water Experiences

World Class Fishing on Lake Michigan

Take a stroll along the Black River in downtown South Haven and you’re likely to encounter the serious fishing boats. If you’re already a fisherman (or fisherwoman), you may know what fishing on the big lake is all about. But if you’re like me, lake fishing invites curiosity and a certain mystique.
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