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The South Haven Sunset Your HEART Will Never Forget

Why is the heart so fond of sunset? The setting sun attracts us because it is one of nature’s most beautiful and expressive displays. The transition from day to night has always inspired artists to capture what it moves within them. A South Haven sunset attracts both locals and visitors to pause and gaze across the water.

The South Haven Sunset Your MIND Will Never Forget

What makes a great sunset? A beautiful sunset is enhanced by certain details. For example, when you’re on or around South Haven’s beaches, watch for a setting sun in a sky with clouds close by—they can reflect the sun’s rays with splendor. Another factor is color layers that join water and sky. Look for dark blues, deep oranges, mixed reds, soft pinks and shades of violet.
Cocktails & Beverages

Happy Hour on the Harbor in South Haven

South Haven’s restaurant and bar scene is just one of the many things that make our lake town a great place to visit. Even if you live near South Haven, it’s well worth heading downtown after work for some drinks and food with friends. It’s an extra treat to be able to wine and dine on the water and see an amazing South Haven sunset to end your day. Eat, drink and unwind for happy hour at these waterfront restaurants and bars.
Places to Stay

Five of the Best Campgrounds in South Haven

Not many travelers realize there are places to camp around South Haven. While our town is full of hotels and bed and breakfasts, camping in South Haven is one of the best ways to spend a summer weekend. You’ll find several different RV parks, family-friendly campgrounds, camping cabins, and even some primitive camping spots throughout the South Haven area. Pitch your tent, grab your s’mores supplies and get ready for South Haven style camping!
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