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Planning the Perfect South Haven Vacation: Accommodations are Key

With quiet charm, festive nightlife, stunning scenery and maritime culture, South Haven offers it all. What you can do depends solely on your desire. To complete your perfect vacation with us, you need only match your accommodations with your goals for your time here.
On Water Experiences

Finding My Balance on a Paddleboard in South Haven

We could all use some quiet time of reflection. Read how South Haven helped one mom slow down, reconnect with herself and find the relaxation she needed.

South Haven's Maritime Marvels

Locals and visitors alike celebrate South Haven for its rich maritime history. Ships have been at the heart of the Haven since it became a village in the 1860s. Time in town is a cultural splash into the stories, sights and sounds of nautical life.
Trails Town

Forest Bathing in the Trails of South Haven

Did you ever take a walk in the woods and discover that you somehow felt better afterwards? More calm and peaceful, more centered, maybe even with a clearer mind? The Japanese have explored this intangible feeling. They did a scientific study and came up with a new term to describe this phenomena, shinrin-yoku which means “forest bathing”--a short leisurely trip to the forest.
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