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In 2005, Bernida was rediscovered by Mackinac Island resident Charles “Toby” Murray in need of much care and clinging to the slim possibility that she was not yet too far gone to refurbish. Together with Bart Hutwaite as Bernida’s new owner, a handful of men with vision formed the Mackinac Boating Heritage Foundation. They turned to Roman “Emory” Barnwell, a boat builder on Mackinac Island, who agreed to undertake her refurbishment. After many new frames and planks and a new deck and mast, Bernida was relaunched and began, once again, to turn heads. The Michigan Maritime Museum has already launched the champion. As her planks swell from her brief time out of the water, the museum’s volunteer crew turn their attention to her rig in preparation for trial sails. Bernida will be captained and crewed exclusively by volunteers. Come join the Museum and the crew to experience Bernida yourself! Bernida Charters are by appointment only; call the museum for directions on booking directly with a Bernida captain. $200 for a two hour sail. Up to four passengers, age 12 and up.

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