ARTE: LATINO Contemporary Latino Art Exhibit

Event Dates: 7/15/2021 to 8/15/2021
Fennville District Library
400 W Main Street
Fennville, MI 49408

While you are likely aware of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, you may be surprised to hear there are thousands of artists from over 30 countries that are creating Latino art encompassing dozens of cultures and identities and origins and histories. Fennville has been selected to show 8 highly respected, internationally known Midwest Latino artists that come from a diverse number of Latino communities.

The exhibit ARTE:LATINO opens on July 15 5:00-6:30 with a public reception in the exhibition space at the Fennville District Library.

Ramiro Rodriguez, Alma Dominguez, Sandra Antongiorgi. Rafael Valdiviesco, Patricia Acosta, Tina Tavera, Dante Rodriguez, XavierTavera present a picture of what is meant by being “American” and Latino”. Each artist brings a powerful form of expression of human emotion, political struggle, creativity, nature, oppression and freedom. The variety of artwork in ARTE:LATINO tackles identity, bicultural experience, civil rights, popular culture, immigration and


The artists in ARTE:LATINO devote themselves to experimentation and form, pushing the limits of their chosen medium.
Most of the works are figurative, concerned with the way individuals interact with society. Self portraits reveal a search for inner meaning and the relationship with the world we where we live.

There is a commonality in Latino art…the emphasis on community The walls of the streets became canvases for artists painting things of cultural importance to the Latino Community. Many of the artists in this exhibit are muralists, Dante Rodriguez, Rafael Valdiviesco, Alma Rodriguez and Sandra Antongiorgi. The stories they tell and the messages they send are tales of the past that are shaping the future and forming an identity.

The dates of the exhibit are July15-August 14. For more information about the exhibit and programs, please visit or

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546 Phoenix Street
South Haven, MI 49090
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