Bark Peelers & Peaches Vintage Baseball


South Haven Bark Peelers, Livery Brewers, Kalamazoo Continentals, House of David Echoes and Lil Fillies of Benton Harbor/South Haven Peaches Tournament at Kids Corner Field in South Haven


Vintage Baseball is the game of baseball as it was played prior to the start of the professional game in 1876. Some of the major differences between vintage baseball and today’s game include:

  • No gloves are worn by the fielders.
  • A batted ball caught on one bounce is an out. This sounds pansy until you factor in that the fielders play barehanded
  • There are no balls and strikes called by the umpire. A batter bats until he hits a ball into play, or until he strikes out by swinging and missing three times.
  • Fielders have to stay in a specified area until the pitch is thrown. There is no moving around prior to the pitch.

The most significant difference though is the philosophy of the game. It was considered the duty of the hosting team and fans to treat the visitors with friendship and respect. This expected mode of behavior extended to the field of competition also. Examples of ungentlemanly behavior included:

  • Cursing, fighting, name calling
  • Calling a close play untruthfully (players made the calls back then, the umpire was there to ensure the players acted as gentlemen)
  • Sliding, diving, leaving your feet

Crank – A fan
Hurler – Pitcher
Behind – Catcher
One man dead – One out
Huzzah – A cheer
Well Struck – Good hit
Well played – nice catch
Ace – a run scored
Tally my ace – Count my run scored
Tallyman – Scorekeeper


A big thank you to the Historical Association of South Haven (HASH) for their sponsorship.

Also a big thank you to Albemarle Corp. for their sponsorship.

Event Date: 5/20/2017
Time: 11 AM - 2 PM
Kid's Corner playground
563 Monroe Blvd.
South Haven, MI 49090
Contact: (269) 637-6424 |